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Friday, 20 January 2017

Booked under wrong section of Arms Act, Salman Khan let off

JODHPUR: Actor Salman Khan was acquitted on Wednesday in an Arms Act case connected to other cases of poaching endangered species because he had been booked under the wrong section of the law.

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Manu Mishra

Khan had been charged under Sections 3/25 and 27 of the Arms Act for possessing and using firearms for which the licence had expired. The court of the chief judicial magistrate, however, said the licence was valid but needed renewal every year .

"The licence was valid for three years, till August 8, 1999... it was valid during the period in question and the offence was just that it was not renewed (in 1998) for the next one year," the order said. According to the Arms Act, Salman's licence was to be renewed annually even while it was valid for three years. The CJM said Salman should have been prosecuted under Section 21, and not Section 3.


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