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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Barack Obama hails 'Believeland' Cavaliers

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama welcomed the Cleveland Cavaliers to the White House on Thursday, celebrating the NBA championship that ended their city's 52-year wait for a pro sports title.

"That's right, I said world champion and Cleveland in the same sentence - that's what we're talking about when we talk about hope and change," Obama quipped of the Cavaliers rally from a 1-3 deficit in last season's NBA Finals to a seven-game triumph over the Golden State Warriors.

"Through it all, Cleveland was always Believeland," Obama said, noting the many heartbreaks endured by the Ohio city's sports fans and lauding the Cavs not only their prowess on court but also for their philanthropic efforts.

He noted that superstar LeBron James and his LeBron James Family Foundation paid college tuition for 1,100 students from Akron, Ohio, and he offered a shout-out to Kevin Love's efforts to combat sexual assault on college campuses.

"The Cavs have always given back to their fans," Obama said. "And more than just the money players and coaches have made about 200 visits annually to schools, hospitals, food kitchens and more, including assisting educational programs that reach more than 100,000 kids in northeast Ohio.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Why a small Yorkshire town is marching against Donald Trump

In the small West Yorkshire town of Shipley, near Bradford, a contingent of self-described "feminist zealots" yesterday marched in solidarity with their American sisters past the constituency office of their local MP - the Trump-supporting, feminist bete noir Philip Davies. More than 400 people initially said they would be attending on Facebook, but more than 1,000 people reportedly turned out for the march when it began at noon, according to the local organisers Shipley Feminist Zealots.

The group is connected to other groups organising protests around the world under the umbrella of Sister Marches. One of its members, Jenny Wilson, told The Independent it feels like "our little march in Shipley" was part of a much bigger movement.

She said: "There will be tens of thousands in London, but there will only be hundreds in Shipley, and [people will ask] does that matter? Well it does matter because it is part of a global movement of people saying that equality, unity, peace and standing up for people who don't have the opportunity to stand up for themselves matters. I feel that is terribly important."

She dismissed claims from people who say protesters should shut up and respect the election result, saying that "is not how democracy works". Nor is the march just for women on the left. Referring to an open letter to the group from Mr Davies, which accused them of using "feminism to disguise their socialism", Ms Wilson said the march was not partisan and claims that they were pushing a party political agenda were ridiculous.


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